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Get Away from the Glass (2017) - Documentary Podcast

My Role:

Music Composition

By Kristina Chapman

Premiered at: Sussex Graduate Degree Show 2017


Writer & Producer: Kristina Chapman


Get Away from the Glass is an empathetic, immersive, sonic journey, through experimental soundscape and documentary interviews, exploring what ‘trauma’ means to four different women. The subjective soundscape element consists of a fractured, note form, diary entry, written during the artist’s time trapped in Istanbul airport, during the military coup of July 2016. After this experience at Istanbul airport, the artist was inspired to question trauma, and post-traumatic stress concerning the struggles and prejudices surrounding women, leading her to meet the other female voices featured in the project.


Get Away from the Glass portrays the austere experiences of the characters post-trauma, revealing their stories are not just that of recovery, but of experience and strength.

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