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Before I Go (2018) - Short Film & Trailer

By Scott Stevens

My Role (Film):

Music Composition

My Roles (Trailer):

Music Composition

Audio Editing

Final Mix

Premiered at: Two Short Nights Film Festival, 1st December 2017. Winner of the Audience Choice Award.

Production Company: filmbyscott

Writer & Director: Scott Stevens

Artwork by: Matt Bell


Before I Go is  an  emotional  and  powerful  story  that  focuses  on  the  struggle  of  one  isolated  man, Michael,  as  he  comes  to  terms  with  his  diagnosis  of  dementia.  As  Michael  struggles  to  comprehend  his  future,  he  turns  to  his  childhood  imaginary  friend  to  confide  in  and  to  help  him  accept  his  new  fate.


Track 5, ‘Before I Go’, features trumpet played by the excellent Michael Barkley.


Before I Go premiered alongside many incredible films at Two Shorts Nights Festival 2017, where it picked up the Audience Choice Award.

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